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Quieter, cleaner and more sustainable mowing solutions.
What Is The Goal
At Green MowCo?

Green MowCo lawn care has ONE goal: to reduce both noise and environmental pollution in the Olney area. We use 100% electric equipment; our vehicles, mowers, trimmers and blowers are all battery operated. Solar panels at our shop and on the vehicles allow us to keep all batteries charged, so we can serve our customers efficiently and in a sustainable manner to keep your lawn beautiful.

Green MowCo offers contactless payments and estimates. Our customer account portal provides an easy way to communicate with our team, pay your bill, make additional service requests, and review invoices. We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, ACH Payments, cash, and check. Automatic payments are available for Credit Cards and ACH Payments.

Over 10 years

Providing weekly mowing services, full landscape and bed installations.

What We Offer

We take great pride in knowing that our customer’s properties look their best year round. We offer a wide variety of landscaping and property maintenance services ranging from weekly mowing services to full landscape and bed installations. We provide our customers with the ultimate service in that they have more free time to enjoy their yards and weekends as opposed to having to spend hours every week maintaining them. Weekends are meant for grilling and cookouts.

We strive to make our customer’s lawns look their best all year long. To serve our customers best, we offer a variety of lawn care services ranging from Monthly maintenance, to full spring and fall clean up with mulch installation. By choosing one of our convenient packages, you can free up your time and rest assured that Green Mow Co has your lawn covered, while minimizing environmental and noise pollution in our community.

Back To The Beginning

The greater Olney community supported us in the mid 2000s when we started our first lawn care company: Double Eagle Landscaping. William started Double Eagle like most teens who want to make a couple bucks; with his parents’ push-mower walking around the neighborhood to find his clients. With the support of the community, he was able to purchase his first truck at 15 years old and continue to grow the business through high school and college before selling the company in 2014 after moving out of the area.

We are excited to be back in Olney with our family and to raise our young children in this awesome community. Our main goal is to provide the same great service and attention to detail we were built on, while using quieter, cleaner and more sustainable mowing solutions.

Frequently Asked
our most common questions
Is Green Mow Co
pricing competitive?

YES! Check out our services page to see the breakdown of the packages we offer and you will see that we are very comparable to our gas-powered competitors.

What are the benefits
of electric lawn equipment?

There are two main reasons for choosing our electric lawn care company.

First, our equipment is over 60% quieter than typical lawn care equipment. No more cranky little ones waking up from their naps to mowers and blowers, no more telework meetings interrupted by the sounds of edgers on your front walk, no more waking up early on your days off to frustrating engines starting in your driveway.

Second, our equipment releases ZERO emissions into the environment. FACT: According to an EPA study, one 3hp lawn mower emits the same air pollution as 11 cars driving at 55 mph. By using all battery operated equipment, we are able to reduce pollution in the Olney community with each lawn we maintain. Love the smell of fresh cut grass? With no chemical or gas emissions, you are free to enjoy your coffee outside while we cut! PS. Check out our all electric van; no emissions as we transport the equipment either!

Is electric equipment
as powerful as gas?

All lawn mowers and equipment that we use runs on Lithium-Ion batteries. This equipment is equally as powerful as gas without the harmful environmental impacts of gas. 

Are we a good
fit for you?

We are excited to bring this service to the Olney area and we hope that you are ready to jump onboard with us to reduce noise and environmental pollution to our awesome community.
We are currently only serving the greater Olney community, with hopes to expand to other parts of Montgomery County in the future. For now, check out this map to see if we are working in your area.

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